Usain Bolt Three-Peats the 100m

For the third consecutive Summer Olympics, no one could catch Usain Bolt.

Bolt was victorious in the men’s 100m race Sunday night, with a time of 9.81 seconds. Justin Gatlin of the United States earned the silver with a time of 9.89 seconds, and Andre De Grasse ran a 9.91-second race to earn the bronze medal for Canada.

The race is one of the primetime events that garner the most hype out of Olympic viewers, and that was certainly the case on Sunday, as Bolt’s victory was trending all throughout the night on social media. The race itself is probably track and field’s most prestigious event, with the winner traditionally being dubbed the “World’s Fastest Man.” For four more years, that distinction belongs to Usain Bolt.

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On Social Delta, you can see the reaction to Bolt’s victory. From Australia to the US, from famous athletes to ESPN reporters, and everyone in between, here are some of the best tweets captured before, during, and after the 100m final:

Even Bolt got in on the Twitter excitement himself moments after the win:

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