Jo-Jo and Jordan leave Robbie in the Dust in Bachelorette Finale

We started with 26 guys, and last night we had two left. Jo-Jo was set to make a decision between Jordan Rodgers and Robbie Hayes in the Bachelorette Finale on ABC.

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The episode began with a family meeting for both Jordan and Robbie. This was time set aside for both of them to learn about Jo-Jo’s parents, create some bond, and OH YEAH ASK TO BE WITH THEIR DAUGHTER FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. The entire show is structured so they could do that. Well, Jordan had other plans…

Yeah, that’s right. Jordan didn’t ask for Jo-Jo’s hand. I’m pretty sure they don’t use teleprompters on this show, but Jordan might need one.

Now it was Robbie’s turn. Not only did he actually ask Jo-Jo’s parents to marry her (and not bring those silly hats), but he gave an amazing, heartfelt speech.

I hadn’t followed the entire season, but after just 20 minutes of this episode, I came to like Robbie a lot more than Jordan.

After the family meeting, they both had individual one-on-one dates. Robbie took Jo-Jo on a beach date, and Jordan went on a boat, through some caves (pretty dangerous if you ask me). Robbie’s date seemed like it went a lot better than Jordan’s, besides the fantasy meatloaf me mentioned…

Seriously, Robbie was 2/2 on dates, and Jordan has one extremely awkward one, couldn’t we have ended the show right here?

Well, they both went and got rings (which are probably worth more than everything I own). Robbie and Jordan both wrote letters to Jo-Jo, and Jordan called up Jo-Jo’s parents basically to fix what he messed up.

But when it came down to it, Jo-Jo chose Jordan over Robbie. I don’t know why. Just watching this episode Robbie definitely seemed like the better guy, but what do I know I’m not a bachelorette.

Not sure if he would want to go through this again, but Robbie could be on the Bachelor next season. Until then, we have the Bachelor in Paradise. If you would like to track any episode, go to and sign up for a BETA account today.

Until then, keep checking back for more event updates, great commentary, and hilarious memes!

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