Sanders Endorses & More Emails At DNC Day 1

The first day of the Democratic National Convention lived up to the hype, with moving speeches from Bernie Sanders, our First Lady Michelle Obama, and many more, which left a lot of attendees in tears. Social Delta caught a lot of social media buzz, and collected over 1,000,000 tweets talking about the DNC!
DNC Day 1

When the Republican National Convention ended, many were excited to see smooth sailing for Democrats in Philly. However, when dawn broke, WikiLeaks released email from the DNCC that showed active support of Hillary Clinton by a body that is supposed to be neutral. This even further riled up Bernie supporters who had already planned to protest the convention. Now it seems that Clinton is fighting two battles, one with the Republicans, and one with a fraction of her own party, similar to Donald Trump.

However, the day was not filled with conflict, heckling, and doom. There were many inspiring speakers from the Democratic party that helped rally their supporters, and even some celebrities attempting to push for unity.

Cory Booker, a Senator from New Jersey, inspired people of all races. He said that the founding fathers not only create a declaration of independence, but also one of interdependence, and that we must work together to move forward. Michelle Obama gave a moving speech that touched on the progress we have made as a country, realizing that she was living in a house her ancestors were forces to build while in slavery. Elizabeth Warren, after basking in the glory of Hillary Clinton, threw attack after attack at Donald Trump, almost contradicting what Cory Booker said before her. After those three marvelous speeches, nobody else could reach the audience as well as Bernie Sanders. While he talked about a new college tuition bill that Clinton would support and Trump’s rejection of global warming, most people focused on his comment that “We MUST vote for Hillary Clinton”. Some supports almost feel betrayed by the Bern, or they think he’s still being forced by the DNC to make these comments.

The Democratic National Convention has not let down on its first day, and there is a lot more in store! Barrack Obama is scheduled to speak this week, along with the nominee herself on Thursday. However, who knows how much blow-back will come with the leaked DNC emails. Make sure you check back in for a recap, and follow all the social media with Social Delta!

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