Stanton Tops Frazier, Sets HR Derby Record

It’s not often that the Home Run Derby provides anything truly surprising, much less record-breaking, but that’s what happens when you invite Giancarlo Stanton to one.

Stanton homered 61 times throughout the exhibition, including 20 in the final round to defeat last year’s winner, Todd Frazier. It was an excellent display of power for the Miami Marlins slugger, as his 61 home runs were a derby record, and he also notched 20 of the 21 furthest hit homers in the contest, including the top ten. His 24 in the first round were also a derby record.

Social Delta tracked this historical Home Run Derby, and found that each of Stanton’s 3 rounds to be some of the biggest spikes in social media volume during the event. Other hot topics included when the on-field DJ (?) was hit with a baseball, Mark Trumbo hitting the scoreboard up in left field of Petco Park that had never been hit before, and Trumbo’s rapid comeback in the first round to defeat first-year derby participant, Corey Seager.

The Social timeline of tweets for Monday's HR Derby. Stanton is the HR king!
The Social timeline of tweets for Monday’s HR Derby. Stanton is the HR king!

Here are some of the best tweets throughout the contest, via Social Delta:

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