Trump’s Convention: 3 Things to Watch

The Republican Primaries have been anything but predictable. A few months ago, over 20 different candidates were competing for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump seemed like a joke candidate, and I even found myself saying “He won’t make it into the final group of candidates.” Fast forward and we now have a former reality TV star about to secure the nomination for President of the United States at the Republican National Convention.

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While Trump hasn’t officially been nominated, he has secured enough delegates to seal the nomination. This is concerning to a lot of republicans. If not because he has flipped on some key issues, whether it be the war in the middle east, abortion, or immigration, then because the Republican party needed a strong champion to fight of the super-funded Hillary Clinton. The off-the-cuff speeches are great for inspiring the masses, but at some point, Donald Trump has to act like a presidential candidate and stay on message. He seemed like one momentarily as he used a teleprompter to give a more rehearsed speech, but he has said before that he doesn’t even want to use notes for his speeches.

With the Republican National Convention beginning in two weeks, there are a few stories to follow during the lead up to Cleveland. I’ve tried to give a quick summary below, however I suggest you find all the stories you can with Social Delta. We’ll be tracking Republican and Democratic news throughout July. Without further delay, here’s an initial list of what to watch in the Republican party:

1. Can the “Dump Trump” camp gain enough momentum?
Before Trump gained enough Delegates to clinch the Republican nomination, many republicans started entertaining the idea of a contested convention. Some candidates even conceded states where they did not have a chance of finishing in 1st or 2nd in order to help any candidate aside from Trump. Well, this plan didn’t work out, and Trump looks like he’s on his way to become the nominee, but that’s not stopping everyone. Some GOP representatives aren’t even attending the Republican National Convention, so Trump won’t have an army there to fight off the opposition. In addition to that, the Republican Rebels have planned to slow down the voting at the RNC. While this could prove to be disruptive, it doesn’t look like they will be able to dismount Trump unless there is a large shift in opinion within the next two weeks.

2. Will Trump’s focus be on his own campaign, or the missteps of Hillary Clinton?
One of Trumps main talking points has been Hillary Clinton’s shady past. He even came up with his own nickname for her. Her email scandal has only added fuel to the fire. Although the FBI director James Comey recommended that Clinton should not be charged, Trump has not halted tirade against Clinton, and has even extended his criticism to Comey himself, claiming that this ruling only proves how rigged the system is.

Many citizens have become fed up with the negative politicking strategy that politicians have employed over the past few years, but as the two most disliked presidential candidates in history continue their campaigns, it does not look like we will see mutual respect any time soon. But the real question is not when will Trump let up, but when will he start to focus on his own policy messages, and that leads me into the final point to consider.

3. When will Trump begin to look like an actual presidential candidate?
Those who are infatuated with Donald Trump usually cite his anti-establishment and non-political approach to politicking. He doesn’t campaign like a president, he doesn’t give speeches like a president, and he definitely doesn’t tweet like a president. When he comes to the Republican National Convention, will he continue with the brash approach he has utilized to gather some of the most extreme of voters, or will he move more towards the middle? He might have to if he wants to have a strong shot at securing the oval office, or even if he wants someone to jump on as his running mate

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