Your 2016 Stanley Cup Champions

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins captured their 4th Stanley Cup through beating the Sharks 3-1 and finishing them off in Game 6. They players were pretty excited, along with all of the fans. Social Delta was tracking Game 6 and saw all the emotion on twitter. Follow this link to review the game as it happened on twitter.
Stanley Cup Champs

As Sidney Crosby hoisted the cup above his head, Sharks players and fans were replaying the past series in their head; how could they have lost in 6 games? The first chance to secure a championship for the California based franchise and they couldn’t even push the series to a Game 7 on home ice?

The Sharks just got out outplayed, badly. First, look at the amount of shots the Penguins amassed throughout the series. They took almost 70 more shots than the Sharks! Social Delta captured one reporter’s commentary on the lack of shots during Game 6:

The story was the same all night. The Penguins were just outworking the Sharks, right out of the gate. The Penguins had the chance to seal the deal, and they weren’t going to let it slip away again. Crosby even started playing a bit dirty. They were hungry, and some fans could tell:

In the 1st period, the Penguins went up on a PowerPlay and took advantage really quick. Brian Dumoulin took a ripper past Martin Jones to take an early lead, that they wouldn’t really give up. In the 2nd period, Shark’s Couture tied it up, only to see Kris Letang to take the lead again about one minute later. Social Delta was tracking, and captured much more Pens’ excitement, probably because the Sharks didn’t even get a chance to send their tweets before they were losing again.

The Sharks never were able to come back from that deficit, and ended up giving up an empty net goal close to the end of the 3rd period, after racking up only 2 shots on goal. The Pittsburgh Penguins ended the night by hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup high above their heads. It was Sidney Crosby’s second time doing so. Many people were elated, but not everyone…

This Finals series seemed extremely one sided, but the San Jose sharks were able to get farther then they had every before. Losing to The Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the finals should not be considered a shameful feat. Social Delta found a lot of strong and loyal Sharks fans and I’m sure they’re here to say.

During the offseason, we will still be able to cover big events like the NHL Draft, but until then, visit to relive all the excitement that the NHL playoffs and Finals brought through twitter.

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