Penguins One Step Away from Stanley Cup

The Penguins were outshot for the first time in 12 games in Game 4, but it wasn’t enough for the Sharks to leave with a win. The Penguins scored on 3 of their 20 shots on goal, and Murray managed to block almost all 24 of the Sharks’ shots, letting one slip by. Still, The Penguins left the SAP Center with a 3-1 lead, and seeing that they’re heading home to Pittsburgh, many have all but awarded the trophy to them.

The San Jose Sharks were looking to tie the series Monday night, but fall well short of that goal. There were only three shots on goal before Ian Cole scored his first goal of these playoffs. Cole gathered a juicy rebound that came off a Kessel shot. As always, we created an event at, and you can follow what everyone had to say about Cole’s first goal, or any other part of the game here.

Pens v Sharks

The Sharks looked a bit irked, and rightfully so. They haven’t led once this whole series; the Penguins have been relentless. The Sharks then took out their frustrations on Crosby and crew. They tallied 5 hits until one of them turned into a penalty. Sharks’ Vlasic hit Sydney Crosby through the door to his own bench, and was sent to the sin-bin for interference. It did seem a but unnecessary, and some of twitter agreed.

The Sharks were able to kill the penalty, and deny any other goals for the rest of the period, but couldn’t score themselves either. That defense didn’t hold though. Shortly into the 2nd period, the Penguins went up a man on a another interference call on the Sharks. Almost 10 seconds into the PP, Malkin deflected a shot from Kessel, which game him his second assist of the night. Social Delta saw that there were plenty of happy Pens fans now that they had a two goal lead.

That goal must have taken some wind our of the Sharks’ sails; they didn’t record another shot on goal until almost halfway through the 2nd period, and finished with only 5 in the period. The shots that they did get on, Murray stopped with ease. The 22 year old goalie is starting to look like a franchise player, and could easily dethrone Fluery as the head goalie is Pittsburgh, if he hasn’t already.

Nobody’s perfect though. The Sharks finally got one past Murray about 8 minutes into the 3rd period, which brought the game within one goal. The Sharks could now see the end of the tunnel, the light that would brighten the path to the Stanley Cup. Well, that light got turned out. Penguins’ Eric Ferh snapped one by Sharks’ Martin to give the penguins that badly desired insurance goal, and sealed a win to put the Penguins ahead 3-1 in the series.

The Penguins head back to Pittsburgh in hopes of winning the Stanley Cup on home ice. This could be a familiar scene: Crosby hoisting the cup above his head, except this time he will have 18,000 fans cheering him on. Or maybe not. The Sharks aren’t out of it yet, and while there has only been one other team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Cup Final, it is still possible.

As always, Social Delta will be following the event, so make sure to follow what everyone has to say about Game 5 here.

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