The Kick Heard Around The World

There might not have been a storm in Oklahoma City last Sunday, but the Thunder sure did show up. After the series was tied 1-1, Kevin Durant and company silenced the defending champions, and especially Steph Curry. While Durant and Westbrook scored a combined 63 points, Curry seemed to fizzle, making only 27.3% of his three pointers, miles away from his season average of 45.4%.

Steph Curry wasn’t the only one who looked out of sync. Draymond Green only made one field goal the whole night, and is facing a fine for his second low blow in two games. Some believe Green should be suspended for what they think is obviously an intentional kick to the groin. While the NBA has decided that no suspension will be handed down, the Thunder definitely won’t forget about it.

Along with players and coaches alike, fans weighed in on the situation, and SocialDelta captured them all.
Green Low Blow


Follow more of the reactions to this hit, and the rest of the game here at SocialDelta.

The Thunder head into Game 4 with home court advantage, and can take a commanding lead in the series that will determine the Western Conference champs. Many people counted out the Thunder when they began that series against a team that set a record for most win in a single season, and touts the first unanimous MVP on their roster. However, Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook have started to hit it off, and at the time that it matters most.

Game 4 kicks off at 9:00 PM. Will the Thunder be as over-powering as they were on Sunday? Can the Warriors bounce back and show why they are the defending champs. Could Steph Curry silence all the haters and reclaim his place at the top of everyone’s player rankings? Be sure to follow how all these events play out, along with the commentary and reactions here with SocialDelta starting at 8:35 PM.

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