Ariana Was a “Dangerous Woman” at the MTV Movie Awards!

The 25th Annual #MTVMovieAwards were on earlier this week, and there was a lot of surprises this year. That meant that Twitter users everywhere were going crazy trying to keep up with everything that was trending. From the hosts, @KevinHart4Real and @TheRock, to the @thelonelyisland‘s tribute to Will Smith, to @ArianaGrande‘s sultry performance. The whole show kept people talking. @SocialDeltaLive was following the hashtag #movieawards to keep up with everything that was being talked about.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.53.08 AM
A reaction meme in response to Ariana Grande’s performance during the 25th Annual MTV Movie Awards — via

If you missed anything and would like to re-cap on all things mentioned above plus more, head to Social Delta here.


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