Most Surprising Moments of the Masters

The Masters provided plenty of highs and lows for both viewers and the golfers, as well as excitement throughout all four days of the tournament. But there were a few moments in particular that had the masses on social media, and likely, anyone watching the tournament, in various types of amazement.

Below are the three most talked-about moments of the Masters:

3. Louis Oosthuizen’s Hole-in-One

On Day 4 of the Masters, as most of the attention was on the leader, Oosthuizen hit a shot that looked very good, until it hit his pairing’s ball — then it looked even better, as it scooted into the hole.

Here are some of the best reactions to this Masters Moment, captured on Social Delta:


2. Ernie Els’s 7-Putt of the First Hole

Before everyone even teed off in the first round, Els was essentially out of it.



3. Jordan Spieth’s Sunday Collapse

This one is perhaps two-fold, as Spieth hit shots into the water twice on hole #12. He went from having a 5 stroke lead just two holes prior to be behind by 3 strokes.

To view more of the statuses and posts from these and other moments from the Masters, take a look at our event graphs here.

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