Selection Sunday is Over, the Madness Begins

One of the most exciting events in the entire sports calendar is upon us. And it started with the annual Selection Sunday event, when 68 college basketball teams find out if, when, where, and which team they are playing in the annual tournament.

The college basketball tournament, or March Madness, as most of us refer to it, announced their selections, with Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Oregon chosen as #1 seeds in the best-of-64 bracket, with four play-in games to bring the field from 68 to 64. The inclusion of Virginia and Oregon as #1 seeds and Michigan State being chosen as a #2 seed was somewhat of a surprise to many people, as were some of the “on-the-bubble” selected teams, such as Syracuse, Vanderbilt, and Tulsa, among others.

The bracket reveal took over an hour this year, with the filled-in bracket actually being leaked online before it was fully revealed on the CBS telecast. This caused more than a few notable reactions on social media, in addition to the relief/excitement/disappointment/shock in other statuses about teams making or not making the big dance.

Here are some of the best reactions, via Social Delta:


You can view the entire graph of the Selection Sunday event here, or in presentation mode here.

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