Shonda Rhimes and TGIT Stars State “I’m With Her”

During last night’s #TGIT, #Scandal to be specific, there was a new campaign that surfaced featuring the main ladies of #GreysAnatomy, Scandal, #HTGAWM, and Shonda Rhimes. This campaign also ran during the GOP Debate and was the ladies’ first public indication of who they are backing in the #2016Election. They said are “With Her”, supporting candidate Hillary Clinton. Some people kept their opinions of the TGIT actresses and creator pretty objective like the screenshot posted below, however others were not impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.21.03 AM
Commentary of TGIT actresses and Shonda Rhimes supporting Hillary Clinton — screenshot via

If you missed any TGIT episodes from last night, click the respective links above to see what was trending throughout the evening. You can also see the video campaign of these ladies supporting the #ImWithHer campaign.

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