Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon Steal Show in All-Star Weekend

This past weekend, the NBA’s best trekked north to Toronto to take place in the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. While the All-Star Game on Sunday dominated in terms of points, Twitter was primarily ablaze with the marquee event on Saturday evening, the Dunk Contest.

The event started however under public scrutiny, at least on social media. After the first two dunk attempts, Twitter was not yet sold on if this dunk contest would live up to memorable ones of years’ past. Take a look at some of the opinions on the dunk contest early in the event, courtesy of Social Delta’s timeline.

Screenshot 2016-02-15 13.32.26
“Dunk contest ain’t what it used to be..” the critics said.
Screenshot 2016-02-15 14.03.17
Aaron Gordon completes one of the craziest dunks in a dunk contest.

This was before Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon would bring the party to life. Gordon displayed tremendous creativity and athleticism, jumping over his team’s mascot in one dunk and grabbing it from the mascot mid-air while it was rotating in another one. He would also complete a reverse dunk, and caught a pass off the side of the backboard for another, before eventually scoring only a 47 for one despite bringing the ball all the way beneath his body mid-air.

Meanwhile, reigning dunk contest champion, Zach LaVine was not to be outdone. LaVine dunked from behind his back in the first round and then jumped from right around the foul line in a couple more dunks. He also added a beautiful cupped one-hand 360 slam. Ultimately, LaVine won the contest that went back-and-forth and needed extra rounds to be decided. Twitter reacted after the show to sing praises of the battle between Gordon and LaVine.

When Dominique Wilkins says the Dunk Contest is back, it's back.
When Dominique Wilkins says the Dunk Contest is back, it’s back.

Hopefully next year we’ll be able to watch these two go at it again with some more tricks up their sleeves. View the entire timeline graph of All-Star Saturday here.

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