True Love Never…?

Last night’s episode of @EmpireFox had the tweeters all over the place with many themes of what “True Love” should or should not look like. Throughout the episode, @SocialDeltaLive¬†followed the hashtag #Empire and was able to gather these five plot lines within the episode that could be in reference to what the title of the episode, “True Love Never” was referring to:

  • Jamal and Cookie: ¬†True Love Never…Ends?
  • Laz and Cookie: True Love Never…Was Here?
  • Hakeem and Laura: True Love Never…Quits?
  • Lucious and Jamal: True Love Never…Gets Jealous?
  • Andre and Lucious: True Love Never…Puts You Down?

The title for this episode could have intentionally been a cliffhanger to fulfill all viewers thoughts on the intertwining plot lines from the show. If you did not happen to catch all 5 of the plot lines or would like to see what other tweeters thought about said plot lines, feel free to visit the Empire event on Social Delta where there is a play-by-play of all curated tweets throughout the episode, updated in real-time.

Empire: Season 2, Episode 7 on Social Delta
Empire: Season 2, Episode 7 on Social Delta

Make sure to follow events at Social Delta, and use your twitter account to be apart of the conversation — we’ll be watching next week, will you?


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