Republicans Are Ready to “StopHillary”, Among Other Things

Last night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the fourth #GOPDebate was held. Before the debate even started, people who worked press at the event saw that the @GOP hinted at who they think will end up being the Democratic Primary Candidate:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.27.43 PM
Screenshot of Infinite view on Social Delta

This was not the only Hillary diss that happened that night, later on in the evening @ABCPolitics tweeted this:

Not only were the candidates quick to bash Hillary, they were also quick to bash everything about Obama and his eight year term, in which tweeters were quick to fact-check. What is great about Social Delta tracking each debate by following the popular hashtags that are being used, is that viewers get to see all curated responses. For example: around 9:20 PM the moderator of the debate had asked about the GOP Candidates response to fixing the economy and Jeb Bush’s response in particular had tweeters throwing out all the facts about how false his criticism of Obama was and how his economic plan is not as realistic as it seems.

9:20 PM EST on Social Delta for the GOP Debate (11/10/15)
9:20 PM EST on Social Delta for the GOP Debate (11/10/15)

We’re only getting closer to finding out who our primary candidates are, but if the GOP candidates are on to something, it is that HRC may become the Democratic Primary Candidate and she does not see any competition:


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