Republican Rumble?

Last night, the third GOP Presidential debate took place. This debate proved far different than the last one, with different presidential candidates going toe-to-toe. There were some clear winners and losers throughout the debate, but what America wants to know is, will they, as a country ultimately win? If it is up to the women of this country, most likely none of this candidates should become president. Around the 9:15 mark of the debate, tweeters were taking over social media when they learned that none of the candidates on stage were in favor of equal paying rights for women.

Screenshot via Social Delta, at 9:15 PM EST.
Screenshot via Social Delta, at 9:15 PM EST.

This surely sparked a lot of conversation via social media, especially seeing that the female candidate, Carly Fiorina. This debate showed a softer side of popular candidate, Donald Trump, and people who watched the debate got to see a more aggressive side of Mark Rubio.


All in all, things are starting to shake up between the candidates as the early frontrunners have started to take more of a backseat and we start to see candidates who were not too known about before show they can stand in the ring and hold their own when asked tough questions.

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