World Series “Glitch” Brings Out the Best on Twitter

We just witnessed some World Series downtime, much to the chagrin of fans in Kansas City and New York. Luckily for rest of us, it provided a reason for the Twitter-sphere to join together in its hatred for Joe Buck, concern for Matt Harvey, and agreement that someone screwed up. Regardless of the reason (word is power to the production truck went out) here’s how things looked on Social Delta:

Mets vs Royals - Power Out
At 9:24 PM ET the power went out in a Fox Production truck during Game 1 of the World Series. The spike in chatter on social media is visualized in this screen shot from Social Delta.

Here are some of our favorite posts from this moment in the World Series:

Fav Tweets


Fav Tweets

And what a string of zingers! This was by far the best run in the World Series.

String of faves

Fave Tweet

fave tweets


fave tweets


Oh, and the game started with an inside the park home run for the Royals. Game 1 and things are creeping on epic. We’ll see if the rest of the games live up to this, but for the sake of baseball fans, we’ll take whatever attention we can get. Follow all the World Series games on Social Delta for real-time tracking, or come back after the game to see who said what when all the action was happening.

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