“Even the FBI wants to take us down…”

This week’s episode of Empire had viewers, and the characters, on edge. Cookie was arrested and there was a dead body found. The police were looking for answers in relation to the death of Bunkie. Although Lucious had just gotten out of prison, he did not seem to scared when he found out that the FBI was looking to question him stating, “Hip hop wasn’t born on Wall Street, where we come from cops’ raid your house…the Feds raid your house that makes you an OG”. What twitter users found ironic was that Lucious was denying the murder of Bunkie when last season he did actually commit the murder. With Social Delta following the show’s official twitter, @EmpireFox and the hashtag #Empire, they were able to keep track of all things that were said throughout the episode. As seen in the graph below, this week’s episode (like every week) had a lot of blue bubble which signifies what tweeters were discussing while watching the episode, and the grey spikes show the influx of tweets within that minute’s time.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.23.15 PM

Stay tuned next week, as viewers are sure to be in for another hour-filled rollercoaster of events that are taking place within the Lyon’s Empire.

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