Can You #FeelTheBern? Last Night’s Democratic Debate Had the Candidates Heating Up.

Last night the Democratic Presidential candidates gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada and were faced with some very tough questions by Anderson Cooper about how they will better the country if they are chosen to be the primary candidate for their party. There were two winners in last night’s debate – Bernie Sanders and…Donald Trump? Bernie was participating in the debate in Las Vegas, and Donald was live-tweeting his thoughts throughout the debate. Early in the debate, Bernie, instead of bashing Hillary in her email scandal had this to say:

Here he had gained a lot of support because instead of candidate bashing, which was seen throughout the GOP debate, he brought the focus back to what the actual debate was about – what can these potential candidates plan to do to better our country. Around the 9:50 PM mark, tracked by Social Delta, is also when Bernie addressed his thoughts on #BlackLivesMatter which was well received by Democrats and supporters:   Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.34.20 PM

Which lead Bernie to be the stand-out between the Presidential candidates with one twitter user tweeting this while the debate was only 2 hours in.:


At the time of the debate Bernie also proved supreme with gaining the most twitter followers (these numbers have sinced increased):

  •  Sanders: 19,618
  • Clinton: 7,550
  • O’Malley: 2,290
  • Webb: 1,968

The popular hashtag that everyone, including Social Delta, was using was #DemDebate as well as following the official Democrat twitter page, @TheDemocrats. The debate drew in just about 546,000 tweets and the event was hosted by twitter user @ptr1116. As for Donald Trump and his thoughts on the debate, this is what he had to say:




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