“…For tomorrow we war.” —Lucious Lyon

We’re only three episodes in on the latest season of Fox’s new show Empire, and there is some rumble going on in the Lyon’s Den. 

This week on Empire we saw Lucious getting released from prison, Hakeem express interest in a new character and the signing of a new girl group, and with girl groups there comes nothing but drama. Mix that with the already drama-filled Lyon family, and you’re in for another anticipated hour long show that leaves you longing for more. The season so far has not disappointed with twitters live tweeting all the action. Social Delta has been able to track what is being said in real-time by following the hashtags: #Empire and #EmpireFox as well as the official twitter account for the show: @EmpireFox. Again, according to the statistics, we see that the viewers had a lot to say throughout the whole episode, which means Lee Daniels and his team are doing a great job in keeping fans enticed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.12.09 PM

Everyone is excited to see where the rest of the season is heading, and we will be watching. Will you?

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