Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers lead Week 3’s Twitter Recap

There were not too many upsets in Week 3, nor was there a multitude of big plays throughout the weekend. However there was still plenty of big action, as Aaron Rodgers puts on a show on Monday night, a huge comeback against America’s Team in an early Sunday afternoon game, and a future Hall of Famer gets TD pass #400.

Tom Brady has been on first during the beginning of this season, and this week’s game against the Jaguars was no exception.

Tom Brady celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola. It was his 400th career TD pass, making him only the fourth quarterback ever to accomplish this.
Tom Brady celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola. It was his 400th career TD pass, making him only the fourth quarterback ever to accomplish this.

Brady finished the game with 358 yards 2 touchdowns and the win. He also threw his 400th touchdown in the game, becoming the fourth quarterback in the history of the NFL to reach this feat (Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Dan Marino). His 400th TD toss, a one-yard throw to Danny Amendola, was also the second largest tweeted play of the weekend. Brady’s milestone garnered 2,272 tweets in its first minute and over 9,000 in the five minutes following the pass. The high volume of tweets surrounding the pass likely comes from those originally watching the game, and then the later minutes from viewers of other games and NFL Redzone who learned about the accomplishment shortly after the fact. View the entire graph view of this game here.

As for the top five social moments in the NFL’s Week 3 schedule of games, here is what accumulated the most interaction:

  1. Aaron Rodgers’s pass to Randall Cobb for three yards and the score, Cobb’s first of the game, against the Chiefs. (2,523 tweets initially; 9,812 tweets the following five minutes)Screenshot 2015-10-01 16.01.24
  2. Tom Brady’s 400th touchdown pass, a one-yarder to Amendola against the Jaguars. (2,538 tweets initially; 9,037 the following five minutes)
    Screenshot 2015-10-01 15.56.21
  3. David Bruton’s interception of Matthew Stafford with three minutes left in the game. (2,127 tweets initially; 8,476 the following five minutes – also includes Emmanuel Sanders’s tough catch)Screenshot 2015-10-01 16.00.34
  4. Joseph Randle’s second rushing touchdown in the first quarter against the Falcons. (2,283 tweets initially; 7,912 the following five minutes)
    Screenshot 2015-10-01 15.59.42
  5. Odell Beckham Jr.’s touchdown catch early in the fourth quarter against the Redskins. (1,036 tweets initially; 6,063 the following five minutes)
    Screenshot 2015-10-01 15.57.29


Top five games by total tweets:

  1. Chiefs vs. Packers (216,739 total tweets)

    Aaron Rodgers throws a pass in Green Bay’s victory against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, the most tweeted game of the week.
  2. Falcons vs. Cowboys (132,271 total tweets)
  3. Broncos vs. Lions (129,171 total tweets)
  4. Redskins vs. Giants (109,528 total tweets)
  5. Jaguars vs. Patriots (93,623 total tweets)

Least popular game by total tweets: Texans vs. Buccaneers (21,647 total tweets)

Notable facts of the week: Yes, you read that correctly: a Jaguars game in the top five for Twitter activity! Of course, it helps that they were on the reverse side of Brady’s aforementioned accomplishment, but it does end their two-week run at being part of the least popular game of the week. Speaking of which, Houston vs. Tampa Bay was by far and away our lowest tweeted game of the year, shattering our previous low mark by over 10,000 tweets.

In fact, it was a down week for the NFL in general on Twitter, as our most popular game of the week was under 300,000 tweets for the first time this season, and our second most popular game was under 200,000 tweets for the first time this season. Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football saw a decrease from 169,294 to 129,171 and 200,465 to 109,528 respectively. Interestingly enough, the Packers, who were on Sunday Night Football last week and Monday Night Football this week, actually garnered more tweets on the Monday Night game against the Chiefs than the rematch of the NFC Championship game the week ago.